At ISPR we safeguard the integrity of the source document by working with a team of in-house certified translators.

In the UAE, our team of UAE Ministry of Justice Certified translators will assist you and in Qatar our registered Chamber of Commerce translators can assist. Our expert team of legal translators will ensure that all of your documentation complies with local regulations.

Our team can translate from English to Arabic and Arabic to English, and can work on a wide range of documents across all industries. Our specialist translation service means your translated documents will be officially authenticated and stamped by the relevant government body in either the UAE or Qatar.

By using our highly experienced translators you will receive a confidential, specialised and professional translation service that meets your specific need, every time.

We are able to translate many documents, including:

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Immigration documents
  • Certificates
  • Law cases, appeals, disputes and arbitration.